Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Help Things Die

I thought of deleting my last post. It was an impulsive act. It's personal and the idea is full of stigma and negativity. But so what?
It's real. It's what I felt at the time and consistently feel these days. Why should I pretend it's not? Because people will think bad of me? Why? They don't understand, and they know they don't.

We hide away from the truth too much. Horrible things happen to people, innocent people. Believe what you want, but Karma's non existant.
Google suicide. Research malnutrition. Look up slaughterhouses, insane asylums, war, genocides and rape.
It exists. You can believe whatever you like as to why it happens, and I can't make you do something about it, but know. It happens.

No picture is required here, these words say more than any picture could.

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