Monday, April 19, 2010

What Makes Us, Us?

What shapes us most?
Oh, the huge debate about what makes us, well, us.

Our genetics? We cannot help who we become and who we are because it's enlisted in our DNA.
Our enviroment? How we're brought up, what we see and what we hear.
Or, our experiences? What we experience and what we take out of them and respond with.

I personally think it's a mixture of all three of these. I don't think you can pin-point one exact cause.

Genetics, we're born with things that cannot be helped. These are both physical and mental. You see it families all the time and I was reading an article the other day about a model who's just had children. She used to believe it was your enviorment, now she solely believes it's your genetics because she has observed her children.

Enviroment, we see it all the time. Compare other countries to your own. Religions, way of life, dos and don't are all influenced by how you're brought up.

Experience, now this one's a bit harder for me to explain. It's like with trust. People who are raped or have bad relationships with their fathers (girls particularly), change because of it. Their life changes and it happens in all different ways, there's no denying it.

I don't think there's any enying any of it.

So, can people really 'change'? Or is it genetic or enforced into you and you cannot change, maybe only temporary?

I've been thinking about it recently, can people change? I used to think, yes yes yes! Of course.
But, maybe not? Now I'm reluctant in giving a straight out answer to it. I'm not too sure.

Sorry this is such a sporadic ramble, my head's in a foggy rage right now.


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