Friday, April 9, 2010

We Can't All Be Set Free

Have you ever heard someone tell you, that if you love something enough you should let it go? To set it free?
Well, I think those people are naive. There, I said it. You're ignorant if you think this always applies.

Sometimes, it's not about letting the one you love go. Sometimes, it's about not letting them go, even if they want to. Sometimes, people get lost and they don't know where to go, who to be or what to believe. Sometimes, people are an inconspicuous war; mind vs. heart.
If you let these people go, they won't come back. They may never be able to come back. Sometimes they'll just get more lost and continue travelling down the path towards 'Too Far Gone'.

Sometimes, freedom doesn't exist for everyone.

Let the one you love, know you love them.
Sometimes, in order to head in the right direction, the lost people need the not-so-lost people, to guide them home. Wherever that may be...

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