Thursday, April 15, 2010

Okay Okay

Yes, I have mental illnesses and yes I take lots of medications.
But, to point this out and use it against me? That's just plain low.
You don't know my story, you don't even know 1/5 of it, so shut your trap because you're just talking out your arse.

For the record readers, I don't think highly of myself, I actually hate myself more than you ever could but watch what you say about it because it's disgusting and pathetic people like you who cause very negative things for others, and not just myself.
You're obviously the one with insecurities being so low like you are, speaking continiously about how I'm this and this and I need this and I'm a mental case (which I am but it's disgusting you point this out so regularly as you have no idea why and it's just completely ignorant and inconsiderate NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HATE ME!)

And yes, people like me will live alone in this world because people like you have so much stigma attatched to people like me. Which isn't my fault, it's yours.
I actually happen to know some of the most amazing and incomprehensible beings to roam this earth, so shut your gab.

You say I'm too judgemental, when all you do is talk talk talk about everyone else. I'm actually the LEAST judgemental person you'll ever know.
I just hate you because you hate me and you talk shit shit shit and eventually it'll make people hate you. Because I already know soo many people who do, but say they're afraid to say something because you take away important people from them and I'm going to say it, you're intimidating, which is sad. You make people afraid of you. That's so horrible.

"You serious issues in your head, you need stronger pills" saying this is just horrible. I'm unfixable if you must know and it's not my fault AT ALL so you're pathetic saying anything along these lines when you know nothing.
I thought people had learnt at our age, you know, gained enough life experience to know that you shouldn't talk in-depth about things you have no idea about. It's just common sense, but it seems, common sense is not so common.

You say this is a game. Are you having fun? Because this isn't a game to me. Especially when I have to try to decipher your hideous spelling and grammar. It's just plain hard work and tiresome. You just sit with a dictionary besides you, pleaaassseeee.

You just won? That's good for you, so can you please shut your disgusting face and move on? You've left this town, now leave it's people because we have negativity towards you, and I know this for a fact.
Oh, and if you're going to be pathetic and bounce back with 'no one likes you either', I know. :)
Now run along.


  1. Just letting you know, my blog wasnt about you hahaha. But okay, i see your true side now and thats fine. My Bad Grammer and Punctuation, who gives a shit! dont read it then. I HAD nothing against you, hence why i apologised. But whatever, enjoy your life. I have left that town and im so glad i did because people live there and have no life at all. They all scab off the government and live in housing commission, but hey, that's there choice not mine. I get to see this world and i get oppertunities that none of you bitches will ever have. So i hope you live a sad and miserable live in the hell hole of a town you call home with "the people who hate me", i may be intimadating but that is because i know how to be honest and tell the truth, thats something you and most girls like you dont have. You lied to me yesterday when i asked you if your blog was about me and you said no... hahaha, your pathetic. You truly are. You should get your facts right next time before writing a meaningless and untrue blog. You think your so smart and so good because you use big words, i dont care that YOU think i have bad grammer and punctuation, because your opinion means nothing to me or anyone else.

  2. Just letting you know your blog was about me.
    And you asked if my blog was about you, no it wasn't about you, bits of it were. So, read more books and ask proper questions.
    And, I give a shit about the english language, and you think you do because you rave on about how great you think you are at english :|
    And, you've moved to adelaide, dude, big deal seriously. And yeah, people live in housing commission here, but that's the same everywhere you noob. And no, it's not their choice, are you seriously that fucked up? You think it's a CHOICE to live life that way? That just goes to show how fucking sheltered you are.
    'None of you bitches', woah. Seriously, you're pathetic, no one likes you! You get to see the world? You obviously live inside your pathetic head if you say shit like that. And oppurtunities? Wow, it's like you think we're concreted here. We're fucking teenagers you dickhead!
    You actually hope someone lives a bad life? It's people like you who make the world the way it is. And, the people who hate you must be great people, because you're pathetic. You can hate it here, but it's only because everyone hates you here. :|
    You're intimidating because you're honest? Wow, nuh-uh. Honesty's associated with being a good trait, not an intimidating one. There's ways to be honest, and there's ways to be a straight out insecure bitch, like yourself.
    Oh, and I am honest you fucking twatwit. Are you serious? 'It's something you and other girls will never have' HAHAHAHA FUCKING HELL YOU'RE SO IGNORANT!
    If it's so meaningless, why the fuck are you reading it?! UNFOLLOW! UNFOLLOW! UNFOLLOW!
    You're pathetic for replying and reading and then saying that.
    I don't actually use big words, that's hilarious you think I use big words. That just shows how dumb you are.
    And you 'dont care that I think you have bad grammar and punctuation', HAHAHA IT'S NOT A THOUGHT IT'S A FACT YOU UGLY BITCH! That's pathetic.
    Btw, I feel sorry for your bestfriends and whatnot if you have to write disgusting blogs about their mental state.
    So, go read more books about vampires and fantasy lands, go seek those amazing oppurtunities and see your huge world where you live in, and unfollow my meaningless blog no one cares about because you're disgusting. :)

  3. Oh and by the way you lied about you never telling Bas he couldn't talk to me and it was between you and me and you wanted him to stay friends with me.
    You dickhead.