Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've Had A Reoccuring Thought

Whenever I'm on my laptop, I'm searching through thousands of images. These images range anywhere from murder, animals, landscapes and cute little graphics. The ones I stop and stare at, all get me thinking.
I've discovered many stories through these images and thought many thoughts.

I was looking at images of my three favourite animals recently.
They are jellyfish, deer and penguins. It got me wondering, why are these my favourite animals? Thankfully, I came up with an answer.
Jellyfish, because they're so beautiful. They're elegant, luminous and graceful. They live under the ocean and the ocean's always intruiged me as we know so little about it. But also, the jellyfish may be beautiful, but that's it's weapon. It's beauty lures you in and then it bites.
Deer, I don't know much about them, but when I think of deer imagine them as people. As people, I imagine them to be someone I'd envy. I think they'd be beautiful, quiet, peaceful, smart, polite and graceful.
Penguins, other than the fact they're simply charming, penguins are romantics. They stick to one partner for their whole lives.

So, that's why theyre my three favourite animals. But, there's more to this thought.
I got thinking about my favourite idols.
They are, Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan. I know, they're strange but that's the way I like it.
Why are they my idols/inspiration?
Michael Jackson lived such an interesting life. He was always in the spotlight, usually for negative things. He's been accused of so much, things I don't think I need to write. But, I honestly don't think he's guilty. I believe his past has made him vulnerable and his mental state has made him do crazy things, but not immoral things.
Lindsay Lohan has been in showbiz since childhood. She's been on drugs, suffered various eating disorders and dated a woman, although she denies a lot of this. Linsay went from being a full figured redhead, to a sickly thin blonde. She's been in rehab and been caught by the papparazzi a million and one times doing things that have caused a lot of crap. I support her because I believe she's not a bad person, that a lot of people would go the same way as her if they were in the same position.

Anyway, I've been a bit of track and it's really hard to explain. But, I basically think these things all intruige me because I don't know about them, or they have something I don't have.
Penguins have eternal love. Jellyfish have beauty but are complete bitches.
Michael and Lindsay had it all but they went off the rails. Deer have everything, but do they really?

Anyway, basically, without really explaining myself well. I believe we envy/love/idolise/want things because we don't understand them. Because we think they have something we don't, or we want to know what makes them different. When really, we're all the same.

People fall in love with someone because they see something that they want to know more about, then they find that and they fall out of love. That thing wasn't as good close up as it was from afar.

We envy people because we think they're better off then us. When really, they're live's are as bad as ours, just in different ways.

We idolise people because they seem to have it all, things we don't have. When really, they're probably lonely and without a family and theirlives are wacked.

We fear the unknown, when yet, there's beauty in the unknown. Maybe this means our future's looking good?

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  1. these photos are beautiful.
    & you're right, about the way we're scared of the unknown. and about the way we want the unknown at the same time...nice thoughts. (: