Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Really Bugs Me....

- When you read something and you think it's about you, but you're not sure.
- When your best guy mates get a girlfriend who becomes jealous, thus causing you to tone down/or ruin your friendship which is a perfectly friendly relationship with no desires to touch one another's body.
- When boys get whipped.
- When people try to sound smart and make out they're the best at english and read all the time and whatnot, but they're spelling and logic is unbearable.
- When ugly people think they're hot.
- When you're about to die and no one says anything because they're too afraid.
- When fat bitches date my bestfriends.
- That I'm not eighteen.
- That I'm not allowed to move out according to the police and doctors.
- When people only know bits and pieces of who I am, thus leaving a huge unfilled gap of important things.
- When people think they're right, but they're wrong
- When people argue and try to make points, which make absolutely no sense, but they insist they've won.
- That religion has got the best of people.
- That chocolate tastes soo good.
- That we only have one bathroom and I never have a chance to have a bath, only quick showers.
- That I have no desire to do what I used to love doing.
- That my boyfriend has two lives.
- That I've cut off friendships with people and I know they'll never be the same again.
- That I have to keep so many things from people, for their sake.
- That people are oblivious to so many awful things going on.
- That my iPod restored itself.
- That plane tickets are so expensive right now.
- That bad things happen to good people.
- That I can't play an instrument.