Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look Closely, Slow It Down

No, really. Slow it down completely.

It's true when they say we are all in a big rush. I know I am.
Even though I sit down on my behind all day, searching blogs, drinking coffee and wasting valuable resources - such as water.
I thought my life was slow enough, and maybe it is. But my mind? No, my mind's constantly racing. Even when I'm not aware.

My insomnia decided to be a nuisance last night and kept me up, so you know what I did? I searched cute blogs all night. I found some pretty adorable things that made me feel warm and fuzzy, which is always a good thing. I thought I'd been paying close attention, just taking my time, until today when I revisted the ones I'd bookmarked.
I thought I'd bookmarked them on the page I was up to, but I hadn't. My bookmarking didn't work. You know what though? I didn't even realise until after a while. I found myself sitting in awe at a lot of images, images that made me think to myself "I've never seen something so beautiful".
But I had. In fact, I'd seen them all the night before but either, for some reason because of my downright shitty mood I was in, they didn't seem so beautiful to me. Or, my mind was just racing.
I think it's a combination of both. Without even realising, I had skipped over some breathtaking photographs!
It made me wonder, how often am I sidetracked?! Is it my mood?
If I was in a really depressed mood today, would I have not liked any single one of these photographs?
I don't know.

Watch this.


Something we did in our psychology class.

Are we ever fully here?


  1. I find myself zoning out in the middle of things that I enjoy. Even the things that make me happy are redundant and impossible to pay attention to. I feel like my head is always somewhere else.

  2. You're not alone, Lissa
    I find myself so sidetracked that I don't really know what I'd name as something I "enjoy", anymore.