Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Year I Must...

(Sort of a New Years Resolution)

Hmmm I've never done this before!

- Save Money
- Go to the beach
- Stay Vegan
- Lose weight!!! (size eight)
- Start a hobby (using a full film of disposable camera once a month and developing)
- Read at least a book a week, that's 52 books!
- Grow my hair past my breasts
- Get another piercing and/or tattoo
- Dye my hair a colour I haven't tried before
- Get a massage
- Only eat junk food ocassionally or on special ocassions. ie. sleepovers, birthdays, parties, etc.
- No more eating disorders
- Stay out of hospital
- Finish year 11 to the best of my ability
- Make good friends
- Be more social
- Spend less time on the computer
- Start a journal
- Lie less
- Go out more
- Drink less coffee
- Volunteer somewhere
- Expand my shoe collection
- Buy a leather jacket
- Buy an expensive (perferable chanel or dior) red coat
- Get rid of assholes
- Do all of this, starting right this very second on January 10th, 2010 at 10:43 am.
- Don't look back
- Live in the present moment
- Exercise more
- Feel better about myself
- Invest in something
- Move out
- Make up my mind about a tattoo
- No bitch zone, only to my bestfriend
- Keep my bestfriend and be a better best friend
- Take more pictures
- Learn about something different
- Drink more water
- Keep my room clean-er
- Don't put myself down so much

That's about all for now.
They seem very reasonable and achievable and I'm determined to complete them all!
I'll have to come back and tick off the ones I've completed!

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