Friday, January 8, 2010

Stick Your Assumptions Right Up Your


It seems assumptions are what make up my life right now. Outsiders thinking they're insiders because they heard a supposed insider's, who is actually an outsider's, so called facts - which are actually illigical and complete crap.
Just because you hear something through the grape vine does not mean it's true. Come on boys and girls, I thought we learnt this in grade 7 when we all started going through puberty and becoming the bitches we are today.
Lay off.
What you've heard it utter bullshit. So don't tell me, 'I know more than you think' because I think you no nothing, and face it, you probably do because all this 'truth' you've heard's come from someone else, not me.

I know this, because the people I have talked to about the 'truth', know they don't know more than I think, because the facts and experiences my mind holds on to are incomprehensible unless you've walked the exact same path. Which you haven't.

So cut the crap.

You don't know nothing so don't say nothing 'cause you'll only be talking out your ass.

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