Friday, January 15, 2010


From more things than one lately.
I've returned from my vacation that I left to on Sunday and returned yesterday.
I've returned to having no money to spend for a while.
I've returned to happiness and sadness all at once.
I've returned to 'dieting'.

But, the most exciting return I've made, and also the most dangerous, is I'm back together with my ex-boyfriend.
Right now I don't care to elaborate or explain anything more about this recommencing love, because, although it's not the first time, nor the second time we've dated, we've never fallen out of love for eachother.

I suspect to lose trust and friendships over this, but he makes me happy. Honest to Buddha.
Right now, I'm basking in the unknown and the happiness the unknown ironically is bringing to me.
I'm enjoying taking this humungous leap into the future, because right now the past doesn't mean a thing. Just that the two of us keep running back into eachother, even when we don't want to. Is this my other half? Is this what's supposed to last time, for ever this time.

I'll tell you.

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