Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I just got an overwhelming feeling of contentness.

I am going to change who I am. I am going to stop trying to be anyone but me.
I am me, I am going to be happy with just me.

I don't need others to complete me, they're just added bonuses to help me be even more happy.
I am independent. I am going to be someone I'm proud to be.

I may not be skinny, so what, I have amazing eyes.
I may not be super smart at school, so what, I know more about life than anyone I know.
I may not be rich, so what, I work hard for what I have.
I may have a million problems which get in the way, so what, I've been through more than anyone I know.
I may not have many friends, so what, they don't know me and they're ignorant.

If I can't be happy with how the world is, and how most people are these days, I can at least try my hardest to be happy with myself and my close friends.

I Will Stay Strong.

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