Monday, January 4, 2010

I Feel Better

Voila, the day finally came when I could get my nose pierced. I've wanted my septum done for a long time, but my amazing friends announced they'd deny me any love and recognition if I went through with it.
Alas, I decided to go with the cliche side of your nostril piercing. I've grown quite fond of it and I'm glad I've gone through with it. Six weeks and I can change it to a ring! How's that for classy?
But oh man, did it hurt a lot. Apparently it's one of the most painful piercings you can get. Of course, they let me know this after it's too late. - Instant tears came streaming down my face. I'm surprised I didn't break my supporting friend's bones in her hand.
I was tossing up between a blue stud (to match my eyes), or a red stud because red's sophisticated and classy. The guy doing it suggested red, so red it is for now! He was extremely nice which made things easier. But, constantly telling me how gorgeous he thought I was and apprently not being able to get over it. All in good ego though. We all need compliments from random strangers of the opposite gender now and again.

Hmm, here are some pictures, I'll upload more tomorrow. I would now, but my computer's decided to have a fit and now allow anymore picture uploads. Thanks lousy, but also loyal and beloved laptop of mine. Oh how I love our love/hate (but mostly love), relationship.

Apparently, it's not 'cool' for bloggers to appear in pictures on their blogs. I somewhat agree. It takes away the mystery, but hey, it's a goddamn blog and it's not like it would ever stop me reading other people's posts religiously, and sometimes (at least i'm honest), creepily following their every post!
I'm going to make this a long one, and one you can all cipher (unless you're an ignorant fuckkettle). Let's just put it down to the fact I'm in a fairly decent mood, which is quite irregular for me.
Why am I in such a groovy (wow, i must really be in a good mood if i'm using the word groovy) mood? Well, next Sunday I am flying to Sydney for a vacation on my own and I'm THAT excited. Seriously, my week will be mighty fine as I'll just be looking to the future. I have no worries about my vacation to Sydney, other than the problem all fashionable and respectable girls share when packing is involved...What to pack?!
When people ask if I'm in a relationship, I answer "Yes, with my wardrobe and any guy that wants to be apart of my life will consistently have to compete for my affection with my floral dresses, impractical flats you may find in a 1950s Disney movie, my killer heels (and by killer, i do mean they could very well be the death of me), any vintage items I have the money and oppurtunity to purchase, my thrift store second hand lovers and my beloved versatile shirt dresses which never give me a hard time!"
Unfortunately, I don't really answer with that as I don't think any of my friends would allow me to dribble on for such a length or time and I may just receive weird stares which cause me to feel insecure.
But yes, in conclusion, Sydney will be amazing and a great way to start 2010.
Speaking of the beginning of 2010, the new year, the new decade and for me 'a whole new start'. It really hasn't been all giggles, smiles and dreams. It's been quite awful really, but I'm allowing my already wacked up mind, to wack up even more by deciding to begin my 2010 as of now. The 4th of January. Anything before now was 2009, I don't care what the calanders say. It's my year, I choose when it's 2o10, not some intelligent scientist whose worked out the ways of the sun and universe and whatnot.
I've began a love affair with anklets. I never used to like them, but they stole my heart with their unique and personal ways.
Also, bracelets, but not bangles that dangle and fangle around by making noises and sliding around all over the place making you seriously consider grabbing a chainsaw and chopping off your wrists. I'm in the process of making a bracelet out of cotton which we learnt how to do in hospital.
They're really quite flattering and if you choose wisely with your colours, it can really steal your heart away.
I know I'm backtracking here, but back to my amazing mood. It was so amazing I danced around the house half naked for most of the day. That mean, I had to get off my arse and actually move! I never ever do anything physical, unless of course it involves the opposite sex.
Anyway, I get a haircut tomorrow and as I'm trying to grow my hair I'm afraid I'll come back and won't like the length and may just cry. :(
By the way readers, GO VEGAN.

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