Wednesday, December 9, 2009

blogger romancer

It's Wednesday today, which means PAY DAY! Thank goodness. So I rewarded myself for my hard earned paid by purchasing...

Tegan and Sara's Sainthood album.

Sunshine Cleaning.

This movie, I want to read the book.

I also bought lychees, celery and grapes. :)

Although, today actually was a horrible day. I got almost no sleep last night as I was terribly sick. I woke up six times to throw up! Ergh.

I also worked 9 to 6 and was on register all day. This is what I looked like.....

People are so rude around Christmas time. I hate interacting with humans.


  1. haha that sounds so similar to my life; what with shitty people at christmas and wishing humans would go away part.
    i dig your blog