Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm incredibly tired. Insomnia's a killer but I can't really sleep in because staying up all night and sleeping all day gets quite tedious and out of wack.
I even place my alarm on the other side of my room so I have to walk over and turn it off - often I fall back to sleep even after that, but not lately which I'm both proud of and not-so-proud of.

Yesterday Michele and I went into town together which was nice for a change. I spent about an hour at the library and hired some books. I'm currently reading 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' by Johnathon Safron. I shall be finished within a few days. So far, it's amazing!
After that we went to KFC, Michele ate and I covered my nose from the awful smell and sipped my Pepsi Max. I also donated some money in the charity box which I'm pleased about.
Then we went and I had my interview with school, I spoke very well and answered their extremely interrogating questions. They were pleased and I've been accepted back there next year for grade 11. I've basically skipped a whole year of school!
After that we went to the plaza and spent time in bookshops and target, then I worked and came home and pigged out on chocolate and spoke to my boyfriend.

At work a girl from my school and her mother came in. It's no secret they BOTH hate me and I hate them. I was serving last night and they came to the register and I said 'Hey' (as you do!) and they didn't say a word. Then the mother turned her back on me and stormed out, I handed the daughter her bag and said 'Bye' (as you do again!) and she snatched it and stormed off. I was utterly disgusted. I thought returning to school would be okay next year, but it's attitude like that that makes life harder for others. It's disgusting.

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