Monday, November 23, 2009

What Is

true friendship?
can someone please explain? i read a lot, and many great minds throughout history mention that it is one of the greatest things known to man. one of the greatest things one can feel.
maybe i've never really given it a chance, or maybe i'm one of the people who don't get to experience it because i've yet to find someone who's able to mildly comprehend me.
i'm not sure. do you believe that whoever sent us here has randomly plotted rare individuals who're not supposed to experience things such as true friendship because they've got a different task that must be done alone?
without sounding like i'm conceited, i feel and always have felt, that i'm not like the others. maybe it's just this town i live in, but i've always felt it's something more.

friendship. i've always confided in myself more than others, i've always kept more secrets than anyone i know. maybe i'm supposed to endure this alone.

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