Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lo. Lee. Ta.

Today I went to see New Moon with Michele. The movie was quite great, but I doubt it would've been so great if there weren't as many gorgeous guy running around.
Afterwards we went to The Burger Bar for lunch. I ordered a satay chicken burger, minus the chicken, and plus the egg. People say I should become a vegan, but quite frankly I'm not even ready to start thinking about that. I love my milk way too much, milk substitutes in coffee is disgusting and I'm a coffee addict. Plus, vegan chocolate's a true killer. I believe by not eating meat, I'm doing a lot more than people who are. So get out of my grill!
I bought two necklaces today because they were on sale and I needed new chains, but I suppose the charms they came with aren't too undesirable either.
I also went into Myer and tried on some perfume (i'm currently on the prowl for a new scent, any recommendations) I tried on around five, I pick purely from the pretty bottles! And I really like two, but I can't remember which two they were! I hate that!

I'm currently reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, the classic novel that caused a bit of a stir back in it's day about a peodophile.

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