Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everyone's A Winner

at The Reject Shop.
The marvellous shop I'm currently employed at and where I spent most of my horrible day today. Thank goodness no one I knew showed up as I look horrible and probably will until I lose 10 kilos.
I feel so gross.

It hasn't been a good month at all, things have gone down down down. And I've been feeling really lonely. I'm losing the ones I love, not talking to them or fighting with them. It's just another shitty thing I don't need.
I've decided not to share my problems with anyone now as everyone else seems to have 'problems' too. Although miniscule, I guess to them they seem big. I wish they wouldn't talk to me about them though, look I don't really care. You think you have problems, take a step in my life.

I'm drinking tea but it's too hot.

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