Friday, November 27, 2009

Black and Red, Red and Black.

I announced yesterday that obsessions run my life, and now I've decided to name a select few.

Red heads. Oooh lala! I know it's become customary amongst the immature teens of this dreary stone-age to hate on the 'rangas', treat them as inferiors and see them as a whole different race. (All in good humour I suppose) But more and more 'hot heads' are dying their hair and are ashamed of their fair skin, freckles and similarity to that of a zoo animal.
Others, hold their head high and embrace their unique gift. Please don't tell me red heads aren't hot! I look in envy upon every one that passes me.

Nicole Kidman looked stella in Practical Magic with this hair style!

Isla Fisher may not have gone the whole fiery red colour, but she's still reppin' the redheads.

Props to Ashlee for becoming one!

Drew Barrymoore looks amazing with her natural colour. I have hair envy.

Have you seen the movie, Benjamin Button? I think Cate Blanchett looks at her best with her long, red hair style you see her with.

Model; Alice Burdeu looks gorgeous with her red hair and pale complexion.

Lindsay Lohan, immediately go natural again. I order you.
psst, Lindsay Lohan's currently my favourite eye candy. She's gorgeous, I don't care what any of you say.
Hmm, enough about red heads, let's go back to black...
Black coffee that is. I've tried it in the past when I first starting trying to lose weight and I hated it. I tried to again today because I've started 'dieting' (i hate that word) again. I love it now! I don't know why I didn't before. So goodbye milk with 110 calories per serving and hello 10 calorie coffee drink. (not even)
Some people have told me that you should cut out coffee if you're trying to lose weight, others tell me the opposite. I've sided with the latter and not just because I want to! I've done research and coffee (well, caffeine) actually speeds up your motabolism and health experts and fitness instructors (such as that chick from biggest loser, the trainer) says that you should aim at two a day.
Everything in moderation of course.

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